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Why food labels are so misleading


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Even when accurate, they may not reflect good choices

By Rashelle Brown for Next Avenue

If you care about your health and pay attention to nutrition, then you probably read the labels on the back of the packaged food products you buy. Would it surprise you to learn that in doing so, you might actually be making yourself less READ MORE

Fifty-something diet: 4 tips to help you age well

How you can fine-tune your eating habits to live longer and healthier

By Maureen Callahan for Next Avenue


A bowl of oatmeal every morning, a handful of nuts, five servings of fruits and vegetables a day — researchers seem to be slowly compiling a grocery list of foods that can extend your lifespan.

At the same time, there are quite a READ MORE

7 things you should be doing for your bones now

Half of us over 50 will have weak bones by 2020 unless we make changes

By Rhoda Fukushima for Next Avenue


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When registered dietitian Toby Smithson gave presentations on bone health, she’d bring three bags of flour, each with a different amount. One bag represented osteoporosis. Another bag represented osteopenia, or bone whose density is lower than normal READ MORE