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Safety comes first

Photo of a tornado.

We are in the middle of summer storm season in Kansas and Missouri, and the tornado outbreak in late April is a very real reminder that we need to be prepared for bad weather. Missouri and northeast Kansas communities have already experienced READ MORE

Reasons to visit the local Farmer’s Market

The Arkansas City Farmer’s Market is open. Here are some reasons you should try it out, along with a couple of tips for your visit.

  • It’s easy to find: The local market is on the north side of Wilson Park from 4:30 to 6:30 p.m. every Tuesday through September.
  •  Try something new: Add variety to your diet by trying something new, such as gooseberries or rhubarb. Fruits and vegetables have antioxidants (they may prevent or delay certain diseases) and phytonutrients (compounds beneficial to our health).
  •  Most vendors are happy to tell you how to prepare their produce, and you may pick up some new recipes.
  •  You will support local farmers, keeping the money you spend closer to your neighborhood. Shopping at your local farmer’s market helps new or smaller farmers be successful and helps save farmland in our area.
  •  Freshly picked food is at its peak in flavor and nutrition.
  •  Help Mother Nature. Locally grown food saves on gas used to ship far-away goods to local stores, as well as reducing packaging. Many outdoor market vendors are organic growers, which avoids adding chemicals to the environment.
  • Connect with your community. The vendors at your local farmer’s market also are your neighbors. Stroll through the park for your produce instead of up and down aisles inside a store. Bring your children or grandchildren to enjoy the park as you shop. Being outdoors will help your body produce vitamin D, too.
  • Shopping as socialization. Conversing with other people helps your mind stay sharp. Residents at Arkansas City Presbyterian Manor visit the Farmer’s Market every year to see the sites, shop for local products and re-connect with old friends. You can, too!
  •  Bring your own bags for your purchases.
  •  Try to use small bills to help the vendors in making change for your purchases.

For more about the benefits of farmer’s markets, visit the U.S. Department of Agriculture website READ MORE

PMMA’s tuition reimbursement helps Baker achieve education goals

tuition reimbursement

Employee Tonya Baker credits PMMA’s tuition reimbursement policy with helping her become a registered nurse.

Tonya Baker counted the days until she graduated in May as a registered nurse. She’s been working toward it off and on for a few years. But last fall she decided make the final push, thanks to encouragement from her supervisor at Arkansas City Presbyterian READ MORE